Timeline of Digital Releases

The timeline below shows only the music that I have released for download and streaming. To find out more about any of these releases, click on either the artwork or the release title.

A complete list of my original music is shown below the timeline.

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List of original music by Nicholas Peters

My original music is listed below (in reverse chronological order), with work titles and composition/release dates.


Nick Dear’s Frankenstein [theatre soundtrack] at the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse, directed by Barry Purves. [composed November 2021-January 2022]


‘Flying Home’ [EP] [digitally released in December 2021]

‘Dreams of the Deep (432 Hz)’ [EP] [digitally released in April 2021]


‘Worlds Apart’ [EP] [digitally released in December 2020]

‘The Power Song of the Shaman’ [single] [digitally released in December 2020]

‘Summoning the Ancestors’ [EP] [digitally released in October 2020]

Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 4 [album] [digitally released in August 2020]

Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 3 [album] [digitally released in August 2020]

Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 2 [album] [digitally released in August 2020]

Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 1 [album] [digitally released in July 2020]

‘Invocation of the Spirits’ [EP] [digitally released in June 2020]

‘The Clouds Will Pass’ [EP] [digitally released in June 2020]

‘Sunflower Serenade’ [single] [digitally released in May 2020]

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (108 Times) [album] [digitally released in March 2020]


‘Hope Still Shines For You’ [single] [digitally released in November 2019]

Spiritus Spatium [album] [digitally released in November 2019]

‘A Little Noise in the WASP’ [single] [digitally released in November 2019]

Axis Mundi [album] [remastered in April 2019; digitally released in June 2019] Duration: 40’12”


August Strindberg’s A Dream Play [theatre soundtrack] [incidental soundtrack and effects composed November 2017]


Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus [theatre soundtrack] [composed November-December 2014]


Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party [theatre Soundtrack] [composed April-May 2011] (incidental music and sound effects)

Amlin Gray’s How I Got That Story [theatre soundtrack] [composed April-May 2011] (incidental music and sound effects)


Project 42 [for fixed media, in collaboration with Talking Birds Theatre Company] [composed August 2010] Duration: 4’00”


Tribute to the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble [fixed media, featuring recordings from Transgression ensemble] [composed December 2009] Duration: 8’48”

The Face of Mae West [live musical work for installation at Coventry University] [October 2009] Duration: 3 hours

Convexity [film soundtrack for student film at Coventry University] Duration: 5’49”

Bodies on the Edge [fixed media site-specific installation at Coventry Artspace] [composed May 2009] Duration: 49’30”

I don’t know why… but we felt safer down there! [fixed media composition for the engage-in-motion Dance Company, performed at Coventry University, May 2009] [composed May 2009] Duration: 20’00”

Blank Planet [film soundtrack for interactive student film] [composed February 2009] Duration: 9’31”


Peter Handke’s Kaspar [theatre soundtrack] [composed November-December 2008] Duration: 2 hours, 55’01”

Alan Ayckbourn’s Mother Figure / Drinking Companion from Confusions [theatre soundtrack] [incidental soundtrack music composed October 2008] Duration: 21’49”

Shakespeare’s As You Like It [theatre soundtrack] [Incidental soundtrack composed May 2008] Duration: 5’00”

Axis Mundi [album] [composed April 2008; please see above for remaster and digital release] Duration: 40’12”


Rhythmic and Phonetic Semiotic Punctuation [fixed media for Microsoft Narrator] [composed December 2007] Duration: 14’07”

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible [theatre soundtrack] [incidental soundtrack composed November 2007] Duration: 13’45”

Indigenous Electric [for bass clarinet, Korg X5D synthesizer and Theremin] [composed May 2007] Duration: 4’30”

Supernova [fixed media, multi-tracked Theremins with effects] [composed March 2007] Duration: 4’36”


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