‘Flying Home’ [EP]

Flying Home by Nicholas Peters [EP] Artwork
‘Flying Home’ by Nicholas Peters (2021) [EP artwork]

‘Flying Home’ is an instrumental EP, featuring six different realisations of the same composition, three of which are in standard 440 Hz tuning, whilst the other three tracks are tuned to A = 432 Hz. Tracks 1 and 4 are for orchestra and choir, tracks 2 and 5 are for piano solo, and tracks 3 and 6 are for electric piano solo.

Number of tracks: 6

Duration: 18’18”

Track List [track durations in minutes and seconds]:

1. Flying Home [03’04”]

2. Flying Home (Piano Solo) [03’04”]

3. Flying Home (Electric Piano Solo) [03’01”]

4. Flying Home (432 Hz) [03’04”]

5. Flying Home (432 Hz Piano Solo) [03’04”]

6. Flying Home 432 Hz Electric Piano Solo) [03’01”]

All tracks were composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicholas Peters.

Released on 17th December 2021, ‘Flying Home’ is an EP evoking pastoral warmth for an otherwise cold and gloomy time of the year.

‘Flying Home’ is available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, and many other music streaming and download stores around the world.

‘Flying Home’ [EP] by Nicholas Peters (2021) on YouTube
‘Flying Home’ [EP] by Nicholas Peters (2021) on Spotify

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