Axis Mundi [album]

Axis Mundi by Nicholas Peters [Album] Artwork
Axis Mundi by Nicholas Peters (2008, released in 2019) [album artwork]

Axis Mundi was composed in 2008 and it was remastered and released for streaming and download in June 2019.

Axis Mundi is a 40-minute shamanic soundscape, released as a single-track album. The album features a range of instruments, including African knee drum, bass clarinet, didgeridoo, handheld percussion, wineglasses, synthesizers, Theremin, and voices. The album features several guest performers:

Mark Andrew Summers – bass clarinet

Katherine Ann Jewkes – voice

Kaytlyn Reese – voice

As a soundscape, Axis Mundi flows in a laminar fashion, taking the listener gradually from one soundworld into the next using slow crossfading techniques (fade-in/fade-outs) that last several minutes each.

The title of the work, Axis Mundi, refers to the spiritual place of power used by shamans and shamanic practitioners the world over to undertake shamanic journeying. The Axis Mundi is sometimes referred to as the Cosmic Tree, or the World Tree; it is the place that connects the realms of ‘ordinary’ and ‘nonordinary’ realities together.

Axis Mundi is available to listen to on YouTube (see below), as well as on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Napster, Spotify, Tidal and other download and streaming music platforms.

Axis Mundi by Nicholas Peters (2008, released in 2019)

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