Spiritus Spatium [album]

Spiritus Spatium by Nicholas Peters [Album] Artwork.
Spiritus Spatium by Nicholas Peters (2019) [album artwork]

Spiritus Spatium is an album of ambient-space-drone music I composed, mixed and mastered in October 2019. Translating approximately as ‘Spirit Space’, Spiritus Spatium is a 62-minute electronic composition divided into 12 sections (tracks) that play as a gapless album. The musical material for Spiritus Spatium is based around a continuous drone in octaves on the note ‘A’ and with an added fifth (‘E’), played by a layering of synthesizers and processed strings which gradually pulse, creating a swell-release effect throughout the composition. The other sounds heard in Spiritus Spatium are processed handbells, a processed (modular) piano and a processed choir pad.

The sonic events for the entire composition were determined by using an ISBN-13 (*) across 13 separate MIDI tracks. Each MIDI track plays the ISBN-13 sequence through in its entirety, but each MIDI starts and finishes on a different number (note) in the sequence. The pitch played is determined by the number relative to the note in the A Aeolian scale:

1=A 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E, 6=F, 7=G, 8=A (sounding a perfect octave higher than 1=A), 9=B (sounding a perfect octave higher than 2=B), 0=silence.

The distance between one note sounding and the next on each track is similarly determined by the ISBN-13; lower numbers have shorter distances than the higher numbers in the sequence. All of the sounds applied to the MIDI tracks were programmed to have very long attack and release times to allow the sounds to enter the soundworld smoothly, and to swell and fade very gradually. A convolution reverb and delay effects were used to further create a deep space aesthetic.

Spiritus Spatium by Nicholas Peters (2019)

All of the sounds used in Spiritus Spatium are from Spitfire Audio LABS virtual instruments, which are free for composers to download and use in their commercial projects.

Number of tracks: 12

Duration: 62’03”

[Nicholas Peters – composer, mixing and mastering]

Spiritus Spatium is available on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer, Google Play Music, Napster, Spotify, YouTube and many other streaming and download services around the world. The album was digitally released in November 2019 by Kycker Music.

(*) The book associated with the ISBN-13 used in the composition of Spiritus Spatium is left as a mystery for the listener to solve! Answers may be sent in via the form on the Contact page. Sadly, there are no prizes for identifying the correct book!

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