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As a performer, I specialise in free improvisation, performing live digital signal processing (DSP) using Ableton Live. I also improvise using a range of vocal techniques (including overtone singing), Irish low D whistle, Scottish high D whistle, piano, synthesizers, shruti box, didgeridoo, melodica, handheld percussion and objects. As an improviser, I was a member of the Transgression Quartet between 2008 and 2019 and the quartet performed in and around the Midlands and in the North of the UK, often collaborating with other free improvisers/ensembles.

I am a classically trained pianist and I have performed incidental piano music for theatre productions, as well as classical concerts and formal events.

In 2005 and 2006, I worked in live television as a Score Reader for the BBC’s The Last Night of the Proms in Heaton Park, Manchester.

A selection of some of my performance work, including my work as a music director, can be found below.

To see a full list of my original music and a timeline of my digital releases, please click here.

flockOmania Exibition by Zoe Robertson (2015) at Coventry University

flockOmania Finale (2015)

flockOmania Finale (2015)

The Fabularium: The Tale of Reynard the Fox

Nicholas Peters as Music Director for The Fabularium’s The Tale of Reynard the Fox (2011).

Among my more unusual appearances, I performed as an ‘extra’ in the 2019 British Sci-fi film Invasion Planet Earth, directed by Simon Cox. I played the part of a mad scientist and the scene can be found in the deleted scenes on the DVD release, which can be purchased on Amazon.

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