British Music Collection

My profile on the British Music Collection website.

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

I am a fully qualified member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

Dr Liz Sparkes

I regularly collaborate with Dr Liz Sparkes, in teaching mantra, chakra chants and spiritual sound.

Experimental Music Catalogue (EMC)

I studied with the founder of the Experimental Music Catalogue, Dr Christopher Hobbs, for over 13 years. Dr Hobbs was the Director of Studies for my PhD, as well as the Course Director for my MA in Music Composition.

Dr Tom Williams

Dr Tom Williams, an award-winning composer, was the Second Supervisor for my PhD studies.

Dr Robert Ramskill

Dr Robert Ramskill, composer and arranger, taught me composition, arranging, music analysis and theory for the duration of my BA studies. Dr. Ramskill is also a member of the Central Composers’ Alliance.

Central Composers’ Alliance (CCA)

I am a member of the Central Composers’ Alliance, a society of composers based in, or with connections to, the Midlands in the UK.


I performed on laptop (live digital signal processing) and voice in the finale of Zoe Robertson’s flockOmania in 2015. The flockOmania website provides full documentation of the different versions of flockOmania, including a wonderful collection of photographs and videos of the different installations and performances.

National College of Music and Arts, London

I am grateful to have been awarded the diploma of Associate Fellow of the National College of Music and Arts, London (AFNCollM). The AFNCollM is designed to recognise professional musicians who have made an outstanding contribution to the musical arena and it is awarded to those who can provide evidence of the highest level of musical expertise during a course of a minimum of ten years.

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