flockOmania Finale (2015)

flockOmania Finale (2015) filmed and edited by George Rippon. flockOmania, was a solo exhibition created by jewellery artist Zoe Robertson, culminating in a multi-disciplinary event which took place at Coventry University, Coventry, in February 2015. The music and sound for the event (and in the video above) was performed by Nicholas Peters and Daren Pickles.

The following artists were involved in flockOmania Finale (2015):

Cath Cullinane (lighting)

Dr Natalie Garrett Brown (dance)

Christian Kipp (photography)

Nicholas Peters (live digital signal processing and vocals)

Daren Pickles (live digital signal processing)

Zoe Robertson (jewellery artist)

Sellotape Cinema (Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain) (film projected through sellotape)

Amy Voris (dance)

Please visit flockOmania.com for further information about this exhibition.