Kaspar [theatre soundtrack]

Kaspar Theatre Soundtrack Cover Artwork. Text reads Peter Handke's Kaspar, soundtrack by Nicholas Peters
Kaspar (written by Peter Handke in 1967), directed by Tom Gorman, performed by Second Year BA Theatre and Professional Practice students, Coventry University. Music by Nicholas Peters.

Peter Handke’s abstract play Kaspar (1967) explores the theme of speech torture as the main character interacts with the world through everyday physical objects and nonsense speech.

Directed by Dr. Tom Gorman

Performed by Year 2 BA Theatre and Professional Practice students, Coventry University, Coventry in December 2008.

Total duration of soundtrack: 2 hours, 55 minutes, 1 second.

Music by Nicholas Peters.

Soundtrack Overview

The soundtrack is characterised through the use of long, resonant, piercing tones and slowly shifting drones, produced by manipulating and layering the sounds produced from a ringing wineglass and a wobbly Theremin.

The laminar soundscape of the wineglass and the Theremin were enhanced by recording human and computer-generated vocals. These vocals were processed to sound artificial, with ring modulation and pitch-shifting effects.

A metronome was recorded ticking at a slow tempo and this was faded in and out of the soundtrack over a long duration. When coupled with the screeching wineglass, the hypnotic tones of the Theremin and the manipulated voices, the soundworld for Kaspar was brought to the ears of the audience.

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