Mantra & Spiritual Sound Workshops

Do you want to learn how mantra, chakra chants and sound will help you?

I teach mantra and spiritual sound workshops online with Dr Liz Sparkes. These sessions have proven to be very popular during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The mantra and spiritual sound workshops are structured as follows:

An opening guided visualisation meditation. Here, with your eyes closed, I guide you gently through a meditation to a spiritual safe place. By the time you open your eyes again you will feel grounded and connected with Mother Earth, ready to warm-up your voice and tone your chakra energies.

Vocal warm-ups to feel more connected ‘in the body’. These are essential to do before toning the chakras and chanting Sanskrit mantras. During the warm-ups, I will encourage you to breathe more efficiently and to exercise your mouth with a variety of short exercises, including tongue twisters.

Vocal toning the chakras to remove energy blocks and to prepare for mantra. Here, we start with the root chakra (at the base of the spine) and work upwards, ending with the crown chakra.

Sanskrit mantra: this is the main component of the online sessions. In each session I teach only a few different mantras to allow you to become proficient in chanting them. For each mantra, I include information about its history and its purpose, along with a transliteration. I teach you how to pronounce the mantra and we chant each mantra along to a shruti box (which I will be playing) for 15 to 20 minutes. Each session includes a short refresher of the mantras taught at the previous session.

The sessions end with a guided visualisation meditation. This meditation is similar to the guided visualisation at the start of the session and it focuses on ‘letting go’.

If you would like to have individual lessons on vocal toning the chakras and mantra, please send me a message through the form on the Contact Page.

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