List of Compositions

This page only lists Nicholas's original compositions. If you wish to see a list of his arrangements and re-interpretations of existing music, please click here.


September 2011: Contractible Expansion and Sonic Diffusion (An Electro-Acoustic Concept Work of Indeterminate Duration of Prepared Samples Designed for the Composer to Perform Through Ableton Live Software)

May 2011: Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party, performed by Open Skin Theatre, Coventry University (Incidental Soundtrack)

May 2011: Amlin Gray's How I Got That Story, performed by Spare Button Theatre Company, Coventry University (Incidental Soundtrack)


December 2010: Hope Still Shines For You (5mins 50secs) (remixed August 2011)

August 2010: Project 42 – Fantasy for the Midland Radio Orchestra (installation composition at the mac, Birmingham with Talking Birds Theatre Company) (5mins)


December 2009: Tribute to the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble (8mins, 48secs)

December 2009: A Little Noise in the WASP (A Tribute to Pauline Oliveros) (10mins, 11secs)

October 2009: The Face of Mae West, Coventry University (Installation Soundtrack, performed live through Ableton Live 8 software) (Indeterminate duration, performed live for 3 hours)

June 2009: Convexity, Coventry University (Film Soundtrack) (5mins, 49secs)

May 2009: Jolie Laide & Coventry Artspace, Bodies on the Edge, (Installation Composition) (49mins, 30secs)

May 2009: engage-in-motion Dance Company, I don’t know why… but we felt safer down there!, Coventry University (21mins, 56secs)

February 2009: Blank Planet, Coventry University (Interactive Film Soundtrack) (9mins, 31secs)


December 2008: Peter Handke’s Kaspar, Coventry University (Complete Soundtrack) (2 hours, 55mins, 1 sec)

October 2008: Mother Figure / Drinking Companion, Saint Andrews University, Scotland (Incidental Soundtrack) (21mins, 49secs)

August 2008: Golden Sunset, Blue Rain (multi-tracked Scottish tin whistles and vocals combining the Native American Anti-Clockwise Raindance chant with the Buddhist Sunset chant) (7mins, 36secs)

May 2008: Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Saint Andrews University, Scotland (Incidental Soundtrack) (5mins)

April 2008: Axis Mundi (Album) (40mins, 12secs)


December 2007: Rhythmic & Phonetic Semiotic Punctuation for Microsoft Narrator (14mins, 7secs)

November 2007: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Saint Andrews University, Scotland (Incidental Soundtrack) (13mins, 45secs)

May 2007: Indigenous Electric for Bass Clarinet, Korg X5D Synthesizer and Theremin (c.4mins, 30secs)

March 2007: Supernova (for multi-tracked Theremins with effects) (4mins, 36secs)