List of Arrangements & Re-interpretations

This page only lists Nicholas's arrangements & re-interpretations of existing music. If you wish to see a list of his original compositions, please click here.


November 2009: Re-interpretation of Alvin Lucier's I am Sitting in a Room (digital recording) (11mins, 46secs)

October 2009: Re-interpretation of Steve Reich's Piano Phase, using digital MIDI synthesizers and Ableton Live software (digital recording) (8mins, 53secs)


May 2008: Re-interpretation of Pink Floyd's Bike (written by Syd Barrett) (Arranged for male vocal, electric guitar, electric bass guitar and drum kit) (c.3mins)

May 2008: Re-interpretation of The Velvet Underground's The Gift (written by Lou Reed) (Arranged for electric guitar, electric bass guitar, vibraphone, piano and drum kit) (c.9mins)


December 2007: Arrangement of September Song (written by Pam Wedgwood) (Arranged for full symphony orchestra) (c.1min, 40secs)

May 2007: Arrangement of Teletubbies Say "Eh-oh!"(written by Andrew McCrorie-Shand) (Arranged for percussion section and kazoo) (c.2mins)


November 2006: Arrangement of Wallace and Gromit Theme (written by Julian Nott) (Arranged for string quartet) (c.1min, 10secs)