Indigenous Electric

Approximate duration: 4 minutes, 30 seconds

Composed, Notated and Performed: May 2007

Instrumentation: Bass Clarinet (soloist), Korg X5D Music Synthesizer, Theremin

Original performers: Mark Summers (Bass Clarinet), Christopher Hobbs (Korg X5D Music Synthesizer), Nicholas Peters (Theremin)




Composition Description/Analysis

Indigenous Electric is a concert work that was commissioned by Mark Summers in April 2007. This composition marked the start of the on-going artistic collaboration between the two musicians. It combines a rich palette of sounds from the Bass Clarinet with the ethereal sounds of the Theremin and the atmospheric harmonic backing of the Korg X5D Music Synthesizer. The composition is structured in five definable sections, forming a palindromic structure:

1. Introduction – Here the Bass Clarinet is played like a didgeridoo, fading in from silence. After thirty seconds, the Synthesizer also fades in from silence playing the same drone note.

2. Section A – Here the Bass Clarinet plays a lyrical theme, supported by a drone and chords played by the Synthesizer. The Synthesizer stops playing at the end of this section.

3. Section B – Here the Bass Clarinet “drifts with ease” around slow and playful semiquaver sequences whilst the Theremin enters playing long sustained tones in a high register. The Theremin lline is truly idiomatic of the instrument, gliding from note to note a Major Third each time and with a strong vibrato. The Theremin stops playing at the end of this section.

4. Section C – See Section A.

5. Ending – Here the Synthesizer and the Bass Clarinet play a fading drone, forming a reverse of the Introduction. The Synthesizer fades out to silence first and the Bass Clarinet continues playing like a Didgeridoo for roughly thirty seconds before it too fades into silence.